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What is the immune system?

What is the immune system?
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Written by: 4Life Research

Publication Date: May 2024

Our immune system is a complex interactive network in our body.

What is the funcion of the immune system?

The immune system is in charge of identifying these potential pathogens, neutralizing them to make them harmless, and finally eliminating them from the organism.

As soon as our body perceives a threat - whether external or even internal-, almost immediately we will feel that something is not working as it should. Thanks to all these functions, the immune system is able to recognize, react to, and remember the different threats.


How many Immune Systems do we have?

1 - Innate Immune System

First, there is an innate immune system, which provides a broad and general response to any foreign invader.

For example, when you accidentally cut yourself or get a burned finger, inflammation and pain are part of the innate immune system.

2 - Adaptative Immune System

Second, there is a humoral or adaptive immune system, i.e. the type our body learns and improves with a repeated experience.

An example would be with chickenpox: after you get it, the body learns about it, and improves its response in case it bumps into it again.

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