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New Vice President, Spanish DSA

New Vice President, Spanish DSA
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Salt Lake City, Utah (April 18, 2024) Rafael Fernández, Regional 4Life Vice President of Europe, has been appointed Vice President of the Spanish Association of Direct Selling Companies (AVD).

AVD is a non-profit organization that brings channel leaders together to strengthen Europe’s Spanish markets. Fernández joins a distinguished board of directors that includes representatives from Amway, Avon, Forever Living Products, Mary Kay, Oriflame Cosmetics, RINGANA, and others.

The AVD Board of Directors is committed to protecting and promoting the good work of direct sellers. As AVD Vice President, Fernández will represent the interests of all companies throughout the industry, just as he has done for 4Life Affiliates for more than 15 years.

Fernández has 35 years of experience in direct selling. He earned his MBA in Business Administration from EADA Business School. In 2008, he joined 4Life as an International General Manager. Since then, he has played a key role in the company's success throughout Europe.

Danny Lee, 4Life President and CEO and Chairman of the United States Direct Selling Association: “It’s great to know that the broader interests of all Spanish-speaking direct sellers in Europe will benefit from Rafael’s professionalism, attention, and expertise. He is a significant asset to AVD, as well as to 4Life.”

4Life, The Immune System Company, and the first to bring 4Life Transfer Factor research to market, has offices in dozens of countries to serve its consumers around the world.

For more information:
Calvin Jolley
Vice President
Corporate Communications
[email protected]