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4Life Europe Celebrates Successful 2023 Leadership Trip

4Life Europe Celebrates Successful 2023 Leadership Trip
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Salt Lake City, UT (June 21, 2023) 4Life Europe is pleased to announce the success of the Leadership Trip Incentive, held this past May in Athens, Greece. Ninety-five winners and their companions from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom enjoyed an unforgettable experience. Preston Richards, Senior Vice President of Global Markets, and Rafael Fernández, Regional Vice President of 4Life Europe, provided support and leadership throughout the event. In addition, a few 4Life Europe employees were on hand to ensure the trip’s success.

During the trip, the winners participated in several meaningful activities that strengthened their community involvement and business development such as a Foundation 4Life charity raffle, in which Affiliates won prizes and contributed to a meaningful cause. Our generous Affiliates raised 3,500 euros for Foundation 4Life.

In addition, the winners enjoyed a business leadership training session, where they received valuable information from the company to help them grow their business and to help them meet the company’s goal of reaching 3 million homes by 2030.

The Leadership Trip Incentive also included a visit to the emblematic Acropolis where participants immersed themselves in the history and culture of Greece and admired the grandeur of this important archaeological site. A gala dinner was held to recognize the efforts and success of the Affiliates. Finally, a solidarity activity in line with the Olympic Games was held at the Kallimarmaro Stadium. This unique experience helped attendees combine strategy, competition, and self-discipline in a fun and engaging way.

4Life Europe is proud to have held such a successful and rewarding event that strengthened the bonds between our Affiliates and drove us forward in our mission to provide opportunities for success and wellness. In addition, as part of our 4Life Green initiative, we are committed to sustainability and environmental care, and we have taken actions to offset the CO2 generated by the flights associated with this event. We will continue to commit to a greener and more sustainable future. We are looking forward to future events and growing together while caring for our environment.

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