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4Life Green is a company and employee driven corporate initiative that addresses environmental issues such as the company's carbon footprint, the welfare of the animals our products come from, recycling and reuse, emission offset, and environmental protection.

Our commitment to animal protection

At 4Life we are committed to the well-being of the animals from which we obtain 4Life Transfer Factor ingredients. We work with farms following responsible and transparent livestock practices. This is why we partner with ingredient suppliers that meet the quality standards set by the National Dairy FARM Program and UEP (United Egg Producers).

We proudly ship using UPS carbon neutral

As a company, we have committed to being a place that offsets its carbon emissions due to our transport services.
With this measure we support meaningful projects such as reforestation, destruction of gases from landfills, wastewater treatment, methane emissions reduction. Last year, UPS has mitigated 119.85 metric tons of CO2e. We are proud to be part of this initiative and to work together with companies to make our planet a little better and a little greener.

National Dairy FARM Program

Most dairy farms from which 4Life sources colostrum belong to the National Dairy Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) Program. This initiative by the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) establishes a series of standards and guidelines that ensure animal welfare. FARM sets out that our dairy farms must treat animals with dignity and comply with safe and innocuous processes for the subsequent manufacturing of our products.

United Egg Producers (UEP)

4Life Transfer Factor egg-derived ingredients come from poultry farms that belong to the United Egg Producers (UEP), a cooperative made up of US producers who take care of the health and well-being of laying hens. UEP standards are based on decades of research and include the participation of an independent Scientific Advisory Committee.

Recycling and Sustainability

All 4Life hard plastic is recyclable. Each container is marked at the bottom with the universal logo. Many of our cardboard boxes (RioVida, 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen and Energy Go Stix packaging) are made from recycled paper sourced from privately-owned sustainable forests. Additionally, we are working to ensure that 100% of all our packaging can be recycled.

At our Barcelona and Hamburg offices, we have replaced single-use plastic bags with recycled paper bags, in order to incentivize their multiple use. We have also eliminated printed tickets, replacing them with electronic ones to reduce paper consumption and minimize our impact on the environment.

For orders shipped within Europe, we also have removed plastic from all packaging and incorporated instead 100%-biodegradable bubble wrap as an alternative to protect products from any damage during transport.

Oceans, Reefs, and Fish Farms

Our collagen is sourced from both wild and farmed fish. 4Life farmed fish live in a controlled environment with an optimal ecosystem. Using farmed fish is more environmentally sustainable because it does not deplete natural resources.

Our treatment of wild fish is equally thoughtful. These fish are not caught solely for use in our products; rather, the fish are caught for production of fillets, and their collagen-rich skins—which are often simply discarded—are then used in 4Life Transfer Factor Collagen. The result is less waste and more sustainability.

We love our ocean reefs! Our sunscreen* is reef conscious, and does not contain octinoxate or oxybenzone—ingredients known to harm ocean reefs.

* Present in DayStar Shade SPF 40 Moisturizing Sunscreen. This product is not for sale in Europe.

4Life's carbon footprint

At 4Life, we are concerned about climate change and have invested in initiatives to make up for the impact that transporting our orders has on the environment.

Since February 2020, 4Life Europe has been part of the UPS Carbon Neutral initiative, promoted by UPS transport services. With this measure we support meaningful projects such as reforestation, destruction of gases from landfills, wastewater treatment, destruction of methane. These are tangible steps, once again, to compensate the impact of our shipments and to work for a more sustainable world.

Innovation and Advancement

4Life employees recycle plastic product bottles at “4Life Transfer Factor bin” stations. Employees eliminated plastic cups in favor of paper and often use their own reusable dishware. The company has an employee-sponsored organic garden at 4Life headquarters. The company store sells 4Life reusable bags at cost. 4Life employees are making environmentally conscious efforts, and the company is committed to reducing our carbon footprint however we can.

Our adherence to Ecoembes and Grüner Punkt

Ecoembes is a non-profit organization that works to achieve a collective and efficient solution for household packaging waste in Spain, coordinating the entire process from collection to reuse or recycling.

4Life is also part of Ecoembes’ Integrated Management Systems (GIS) of packaging and packaging waste, which aims to periodically collect them. With this commitment, 4Life complies with the obligations established under the Spanish Act on packaging.

"Der Grüne Punkt" (a trademark of Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH) contributes in Germany to the successful implementation of the manufacturer's obligations under the Packaging Act. If you see the "Grüner Punkt" on a package, this means that the company participates in the dual system (recovery and recycling of all packaging via the Grüner Punkt or another supplier) via the Grüner Punkt and thus complies with the Packaging Ordinance.

4Life Research Germany GmbH also licenses its packaging to Der Grüne Punkt and reports annually to Der Grüne Punkt on all packaging components put into circulation. You can thus dispose of your 4Life product packaging separately in the appropriate recycling or paper bins and be sure that the raw materials are returned to the recycling cycle.